Heal Thyne Self

Messages from Spirit

December 23, 2018

Just before my Full Moon Goddess event started, I had a gentleman come to me in spirit.  This is not typical practice, as my Goddess event is not a mediumship event, but he came through.  His message, I will assume, was meaningful to the lady who knew him, but for me it was profound and I wanted to share it. 
His message was:  God gave me this body and it is unique to me.  It is not like others and will never be.  So do not fight it, embrace it, work with it!
To me, this is such an important message, for what I have seen, we are always comparing ourselves to others and get so caught up in wanting to look like others that we lose track of us.  The media tries to dictate what is acceptable, and yet, it misses the mark.   We are all perfect, whole and complete and I like his words “work” with it.  Get on board with your body.
Think of it as your vessel, or transport for this life time. It’s awesome!  No matter what year, model or style, it is yours.  You have been driving around with it for years, and it is still running.  So, take good care of it.  Get those oil changes, take it for tune ups, get the repairs done, give it down time, use good octane fuel in it, and give it a good polish and shine.  Be proud of your model and if you take good care of it, it will last until you no longer need it! 
I give thanks to the gentleman in spirit who blessed us with his words. 
With love and light! 


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