Mediums and Psychics

                                   Our Team!  

 MAP has a great team of talented and gifted Readers. 
Most of the team is available for private readings, please contact us, if you are interested in booking!   



Judy ( left ) and Jenna ( right ) have been a MAP member since its inception.  

Judy was introduced to Tarot in her mid-twenties and since then, has dabbled in Tea Cup readings, Rune Stones, Palmistry, Shamanic Healing and other tarot and angel card readings.   She is a certified counsellor and took her Reiki training in 2004.   She has first aware of spirit when she was about 10 and can be found working the podium on most MAP nights.  Judy  is known for bringing humor and energy to the podium.   Spirit likes a good laugh!    Judy is available for private readings or counselling sessions. 

Jenna was so afraid of the unknown, the spirit world, that she denied spirit for years.  Fifteen years ago her deceased cousin Timothy came to her, and took her to the other side.  A side of unbelievable, light, compassion, acceptance and unconditional love.  She was able to pass on messages to others that changed her life, and also changed hers and took her on this path.   She has attended Arthur Findley Colledge, in England, Stansted by the Rockies in Calgary, and many other workshops in Calgary to enhance her Mediumship.    She has also taught mediumship, conducted Psychic Parties and can be seen given readings at MAP events. 

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