Heal Thyne Self

 Heal Thyne Self - Mind, Body, Spirit 

Our mind, body, and spirit are all connected, intertwined.  Once you understand the true connection between these aspects of yourself, you can begin to move towards creating balance.  This balance is about being at one with yourself, the world around you, and being the best you can be in all aspects of your life.  Anything and everything you have ever wanted, dreamed, or desired can be yours.  

You are a true marvel, perfect in every aspect; it is only you who may not know this or believe this to be true.    You can heal your body, heal your life, and create anything you desire. 

The Mind

Your mind is very powerful.  It is the collective aspects of intellect and consciousness, which manifest in some combination of thought, perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination.  The mind is considered one with thought, and thought to be the private conversation we have with ourselves.  The mind is a private sphere with unlimited power and no one else can “know our mind” for they can only know what we communicate. 


Every day you think thousands of thoughts and these thoughts reflect your core beliefs about yourself and the world around you.  Many of your thoughts are unconscious.  Your subconscious mind has an image of you, which is like your automatic pilot, and it is the typical way you act and react to life.  It is very difficult to change this autopilot, as it is held in place by your beliefs.  The best way to change your autopilot is to upgrade your subconscious self-image to the way you want to act and be.


Your emotions follow your thoughts and reactions, and your body responds to both positive and negative emotions.  The mind follows the rules of intellect, imagination, and feelings, and does not know what is real or not real.  Your mind believes your thoughts are who you are and will match your thoughts to your life.  If you think you cannot do something, you are right; if you believe you are ill, you are right.   Your mind is like the magic genie that says, “Your wish is my command”. 


You can overcome illness, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and anything else with the power of the mind.   The mind can be trained to reject incorrect thoughts, feelings, and actions.   The mind is the path to healing the body and the body is the path to healing the mind.   A massage can relax and calm an angry person; if you learn to control the stress in your life, your body will not tense up.  There is no separation; you are mind, body, and spirit. 

Mind Healing Actions:


  • Slow your mind down
  • Take mental breaks
  • Learn how your mind works
  • Learn about your limiting beliefs and change them
  • Become more Optimistic
  • Challenge your thoughts
  • Choose to stop thinking negatively neutralize negative thoughts
  • Learn to visualize
  • Create positive dreams and goals write them down
  • See the cup as half full, not half empty
  • Think thoughts of integrity, respect, and love
  • Monitor your behavoir, feelings, relationships, beliefs, and conflicts they all contribute to your quality of life and health 
  • Your thoughts are who you are so think fabulous thoughts about yourself
  • Be aware of your addictions seek help
  • Before you get out of bed everyday, create a positive thought “This is going to be a great day,” “ Something wonderful is going to happen to me today”
  • Remember a positive attitude is a choice
  • Believe in yourself

The Body


You are not your body; your body is just part of who you are.  The body is a carbon-based unit that houses the mind and soul.  Your body is made up of trillions of cells.   These cells are made up of energy.  You are energy, just like all things.  The body is a matrix of organized systems interacting with your conscious and unconscious mind. Your body is how you get around, your vehicle.  It is important that you take good care of your body.  You need to honour it, exercise it, feed it properly, and love it. Your body responds to what you do to it.  If you do not give it food or water, it will start to die.  If you do not exercise it, it will start to become weak.  If you do not love it, it will become ill.  


Your body tells you when something is wrong; it sends you a signal.  Think of your body as a cooling system.  If there are no obstructions in the flow, everything is fine, but as soon as there are blockages, you have problems. You get sick, you get headaches, muscles tighten, and disease can set in.  Your body responds to what you do to it.  The body is a miraculous self-healing mechanism that will naturally try to heal itself.  If the body is cut or is damaged in any way, it will start to repair itself right away.


When we get ill, we go to the doctor or take medicine to help us feel better.  For the most part, this works and we are fine again, but sometimes no matter what we do, or no matter what medicine we take, we still do not feel better or get better.  Sometimes we are fine for a while and we get sick again.  Some people are sick all the time.  They seem to go from one illness to another.  Why does this happen?  Why do some people never get sick? 


Our body is mostly water and through testing done by Dr. Masaru Emoto, water responds to the effects of energy.  Positive energy will have positive effects and negative energy will create negative results.  We look at illness as an external invader, but there are contributing factors within us.  Our behaviour, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts contribute to our susceptibility to sickness and disease.  If we learn to control our thoughts, we can learn to increase our ability to resist disease, and in fact, heal ourselves.  We are the key to enduring health and healing.


Body Healing Actions:


  • Exercise
  • Do activities you love to do Make the time!
  • Detoxify your body
  • Care for your body
  • Learn to love your body
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, and drugs
  • Take up yoga, a martial art, or any energy-enhancing activity
  • Learn to listen to your body; it will tell you when something is not wrong before it happens (your system will drop)
  • Water is life- drink lots of water each day
  • Take baths and make them a ritual to enjoy
  • Food is the fuel for your body; prepare your meals with care and pride
  • Avoid dead foods with empty calories
  • Fill your home with essences that make you feel good; flowers, burning oils, or incense

The Spirit


Life has become increasingly competitive, full of disease, stress, anxiety, and the continual pursuit of materialism.  There seems to be no end or relief in sight and we often feel an inner emptiness and restlessness.  We are living from the outside in instead of from the inside out.  We are actually spiritual beings going through life in physical bodies, not physical bodies going through life spiritually.  It is time to get back to our centre, our soul, and our spirituality.


There are those who believe the soul and spirit are two separate parts of who we are. The soul is dark, unknown, deep, endless, all remembering, rich, sensing, and is the body. The spirit is light, dry, expansive, euphoric, active, inspiring, motivating, can be found in tree tops, in flight, soaring, and is the thought. The soul is the ideas that walk through life and the spirit is the limitlessness by which creativity takes flight.  The soul is grounding with movement, feeling, instinct, and connection, while the spirit is inspirational, meditative, and tends to the conditions of the mind.


Are the soul and spirit separate?  This is something you can decide for yourselves.  For me, I see them as one, with no separateness, as they are interchangeable and both being the essence of a person.  I wish to live a soulful life and I am aware that I am a spiritual being.


Your spirit/soul is the essence that lives on once your body ceases to exist. Your soul is endless, timeless; it will never die. The spiritual side of a person transcends beyond the physical body that houses it.  The soul is unearthly and responds to positive energy, love, peace, and harmony. 


You can be spiritually wounded and your physical body will respond to the wound.  These effects will show up in the body, but they did not start in the body.  Spiritual wounds affect the mind, body, and attack the soul.  They include betrayal, hatred, errors in judgment, fear, inability to forgive, grief, loss of self, exhaustion, and limiting beliefs.   There are other evidences of wounds, such as anxiety, boredom, confusion, discouragement, doubt, fatigue, feelings of helplessness, loneliness, laziness, melancholy, rage, and feelings of rebellion. 


Spiritual healing can begin with gratitude for all that you have that is good in your life.  You need to move to a positive state and remove all negativity.  Remember faith kills fear.  Healing requires surrender and healing is one of the highest expressions of our soul. Healing knows no prejudice or boundaries; it knows no barriers of race, colour, or creed; no barriers of time or distance. We can heal our families, strangers, the earth, and ourselves. 


We need to take spiritual actions to have soulful living.


Spiritual Healing Actions:


  • Help others, volunteer, give of your time, give anonymous gifts
  • Create rituals in your life to honour yourself rituals are about comfort
  • Develop meditation practices or prayer
  • Spend time in nature or with animals
  • Be mindful of your actions, thoughts, and feelings
  • Turn your home into a sanctuary to create a sense of well being
  • Use Feng Shui to create positive flow in your life and home
  • Experience abundance in your life give thanks for all that you have
  • Journal daily
  • Develop your intuition – listen to your gut instincts
  • Become aware of the energy around you, the energy of the earth, and the energy of others
  • Avoid spiritual vampires people who drain you
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Practice humility
  • Learn to be honest in everything you do
  • Learn to ground yourself every day
  • Develop your higher-self – your intuition, all inspiring mind, your inner voice, the feeling of rightness associated with all actions
  • Develop loving relationships with others
  • Find your purpose live your passion
  • Learn to forgive
  • Release any obsessions to materialism
  • Believe in Angels
  • Be the best you can be every day
  • Be good to the earth  
  • Create support for yourself with friends, family, or groups
  • Spend time with people that help you achieve your goals and support your dreams
  • Be in the moment
  • Celebrate your life and the lives of others
  • Realize you are perfect, whole, and complete just the way you are
  • Laughter energizes the body find things to laugh about, read funny stories, watch funny movies or programs, go to a comedy club
  • Practice affirmations


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